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Coastwide Electric Inc. is a local, family owned and operated business. Our electricians specialize in new construction, whole house rewiring, photovoltaic solar systems, energy storage, back-up batteries, generators, recessed lighting, retrofit, remodels, additions, electric vehicle charging stations, and electrical troubleshooting. We literally do it all!

  • New Construction

    We work with a variety of local general contractors, developers and home builders from design, to temporary power, to rough-in, and finish electrical installation. We'd love to give you a bid on our services and can provide complete quotes for labor and materials from building plans.

  • Service Panel Upgrades

    We are experts in replacement of aged service breaker panels and sub panels in existing structures. We handle all permitting, building inspections, and coordination with utility providers to ensure minimum time without power. Utility Companies and C-46 Licensed Solar Installers, (non-licensed electricians), frequently refer and sub-contract with us to provide these services for their clients in the Bay Area.

  • Electric Vehicle Chargers

    Ready to step up to an electric car? Charging requires assessment of your home wiring, installation of a dedicated circuit and a battery charger. We are certified installers for TESLA, Nissan LEAF, Chevy VOLT, and numerous other charger providers. In most cases we can complete installation BEFORE your car is even delivered.

  • Solar Systems

    Reduce or eliminate your utility bill and get a 26% tax credit through 2022. Installations can be roof mounted on a variety of shingle types or ground mounted. We handle the entire process from beginning to end - including grid usage analysis, system design, permitting with local jurisdictions, materials delivery, installation, final inspections, solar monitoring setup and Net Energy Metering Applications with PG&E. We even offer a 20 year workmanship warranty and are there for our clients long after the job is finished. Why hire a large, Home Depot sponsored, national conglomerate, solar "only" installer, when you can have a local and licensed C-10 Electrical Contractor do the work?

  • Energy Storage Battery Systems

    Tired of losing power and being subjected to rolling brownouts by your utility provider? We install a variety of energy storage and backup battery solutions to keep the lights, internet, tv's and refrigerators on, when the rest of the neighborhood is in the dark. Your battery system can even be programmed for "peak shaving" to reduce grid power dependency during peak
    time-of-use rates in the evenings. We're certified and experienced installers for brands such as Panasonic EverVolt, LG Chem, Enphase Enpower and Darfon Electronics.

  • Electric Generator Installation

    For backup or continuous use. We provide complete installation including automatic transfer switches to provide seamless energy during backup in the event of power outages. Certain generators can also be integrated with an energy storage system to achieve "whole home backup" - which means even your air conditioning will continue working on a hot day when the grid goes down.

  • Home or Kitchen Remodels

    Update your home or kitchen lighting with recessed lighting, upgraded pantry lighting, pendant lighting over bar, island, or under-cabinets. Consider adding bright motion sensor security lights to your garage and back yard. Outdoor lighting such as recessed porch lights, tree up-lights, post lights, front door lights, and hardwired path lights add ambiance and beauty to your outdoor spaces. Other lighting services also include spot lighting, track lighting and art work lighting. We offer no charge consulting to owners/builders to ensure Title 24 compliance with the latest building codes.

  • General Troubleshooting

    If you're having an electrical issue, (big or small), we're troubleshooting experts and can often help save our clients lots of money and inconvenience by finding and fixing the problem quickly. From simple electrical outlet additions, breaker replacements, minor re-wiring, dedicated circuits installation, and more... We do it all and no job is too big or small!


What impressed us most about this company was the high caliber of their team members that we had the pleasure of working with.

Mickey and his crew were responsible for the solar installation, and Mickey always showed up exactly when he said he would. < /p> Read more

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